The tourist industry is currently facing difficult times, that's why on the 15th of May, 2020 experienced professionals in the tourism business founded the Lithuanian Travel Business Association. "We see the need and importance of representing small and medium sized businesses, as well as individuals working in the travel sector during these challenging times," says Jolita Maslauskaitė–Targonskienė, the President of the Association. The use of the word "business" in the name of the Lithuanian Travel Business Association is deliberate – our goal is to bring together individuals working in the
diverse sectors of the travel industry as well as companies providing tourism services.
The goal of the Association is not only to unite and represent small and medium sized travel agencies, it also aims to consolidate individuals working in a variety of areas of the travel industry: transport firms, tourists guides and accommodation, activity holiday and recreational service providers. Our Association is dedicated to actively solve the problems in the tourism industry that have accumulated over the years, which have been brought to light during this critical period.
We are open to everyone, regardless of the legal structure of our members. Private Limited Companies, Cooperatives, and Sole Traders and self-employed individuals are all welcome.
Jolita Maslauskaitė - Targonskienė,
President of "LKVA" - Lithuanian Travel Business Association.
Therefore, the Lithuanian Travel Business Association will represent its members in all state institutions and instances, international organizations. This association will organize conferences, sightseeing tours and business missions in Lithuania and abroad. Since the members of the Association have extensive experience in the travel business, they, as tourism experts, will prepare proposals for the tourism business and its development to the responsible State institutions and government. Our overall goal is to make a greater contribution of the travel business to the Lithuanian economy, which can only be achieved by increasing tourist flows in Lithuania and solving the long-established problems of both inbound and outbound tourism.
The Board of the Lithuanian Travel Business Association decided to work free of charge during the first year of its operation. No annual fee will be paid to the Association either by accession or by a member. The costs incurred by the Lithuanian Travel Business Association will be shared equally among all members of the Association. We invite self-employed persons, guides, small and medium-sized tourism companies, advertising, transport, wellness, accommodation, recreation services providers to join together and to create a successful tourism business in Lithuania.

You can get more information about the Association and the conditions of accession by contacting: (steigėjų, narių kontaktai).

The founders of the LKVA:

  • Jolita Maslauskaitė – Targonskienė
    UAB „Best servis"

    Jonavos g. 6-5, Kaunas
    Телефон: +370 (618) 26801
  • Jurgita Kaušinytė

    UAB „Amberturas"

    P. Lukšio g. 16, Vilnius
    Телефон: +370 (687) 90424
  • Udrius Armalis

    UAB „Superkelionės"

    Kovo 11-osios g. 88-53, Kaunas
    Телефон: +370 (610) 39490
  • Armandas Burba

    UAB "Prekybos namų RA kelionių agentūra"
    Žukausko g. 39, Vilnius
    Телефон: +370 (699) 25018
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